About Us

Rare Lab began it's trainer market journey in 2022. Two sneaker enthusiasts native to the historically industrious, North West of England, noticed a gap in the specialised trainer market. They realised that there was a somewhat limited, trusted, online specialist trainer marketplace within the UK that facilitated a high quality and personalised shopping experience.

Rare Lab is a platform dedicated to providing customers with high end, exclusive trainers, providing an atmosphere of complete confidence, along with authenticity guaranteed.

The team continues to grow. We currently have more than 10 sneaker lovers, all driven by the desire to offer the best possible experience in the purchase of exclusive trainers.

Since its inception, the Rare Lab team has developed its own identity and voice, capturing the phrase 'Always Rare, Always Authentic', serving as a guiding principle for the team's young, ambitious initiative.

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Our Mission

Giving all lovers, enthusiasts and those curious about trainers the opportunity to buy the limited products they love with confidence.

Rare Lab trainers are, for the most part, out of stock and no longer available within the mainstream retail space (due to supply and demand pressures).

Rare Lab purchases from official retailers on release days and sources from trusted boutique stores to ensure the highest standard and guaranteed authenticity.

Our Promise

Always New, Always Authentic

Before your beloved trainers finally reach you, your trainers must pass through a rigorous quality control process, including, a final (and detailed) authenticity process. Every detail (from the labels to the seams), are carefully examined to ensure that your trainers are authentic and free of flaws.

We are here for you

Speak to our customer support team!

Have any questions on which size to choose, our next product releases, or do you have an urgent request for a specific product? Send us an email. Our team is available to answer all your questions from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.